zine fests

I currently in my second year as part of the organizing crew for Berlin Zine Fest!

Previously I was an organizer with San Francisco Zine Fest for 4 years (2012-2016). Part of a small core group of volunteers, doing everything from logistics to organizing volunteers to running workshops to creating safer spaces policies and acting as a community liaison person for an event with 200 artists and over 3500 attendees. 

I make zines too. Usually personal and  cover topics such as bodies, chronic illnesses, mental health, gender identity. My most recent zine is 'How to run your own zine fest!'

workshops & events 

I’ve run a variety of workshops for all age groups, usually around zine culture and introductions to zines. Places that I’ve run workshops include San Francisco Zine Fest, Double Union (a feminist hacker/maker space in San Francisco), Alameda Library (Oakland), Think And Die Thinking Festival (San Jose) , SCRAP (a creative reuse non-profit in San Francisco). I've also run professional workshops on becoming a volunteer with young people.

San Francisco Zine Fest workshop for young people, 2014. Photo credit: Cindy Maram/ Dig In Magazine 

San Francisco Zine Fest workshop for young people, 2014. Photo credit: Cindy Maram/ Dig In Magazine 

In April 2016, I created 'Dance This Mess Around' - a dance party in Oakland specifically catering to people who don’t identify as male. An alcohol free event with art installations, it was intended to provide a space where people could have a fun time without harassment or intimidation, with freedom to wear what you want and meet other cool people. I’d love to do more of these!


Occasionally I get up in front of people and say things. Most recently I was part of a panel ‘creating queermunity- when your faves are problematic’ at the 2016 GaymerX convention in San Jose, California. I also sometimes moderate panels too, for example ‘Creating Feminist Spaces in DIY culture’ (2014).

I read from my work too. Often I'll read embarrassing poems from my teenage years or about my feelings on X-Files and the importance of Scully's pantsuits. I’ve read at LitCrawl (SF), NYC Feminist Zine Fest, East Bay Book and Zine Fest opening party (Oakland), Rock Paper Scissors art space (Oakland) and at zine release events.

panels & speaking